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    Production of aluminum profiles Introduction
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    1. Casting is the first aluminum production processes.
    The main process is:
       (1) Ingredients: according to the specific needs of the production of alloy grades, calculate the amount of alloy composition various additives, with a reasonable variety of raw materials.
       (2) melting: with a good raw material according to process requirements to join the melting furnace to melt, and by degassing, slag refining slag miscellaneous means to melt inside the gas is effectively removed.
       (3) Cast: molten aluminum smelting good casting process under certain conditions, by deep casting systems, cooling cast into a variety of circular casting rods.

    2, extrusion: Extrusion profile means is formed. The first product based on the profile section design, manufacture molds, use a good round heated extruder die casting rods from extrusion. Common grade 6063 alloy extrusion Shihai artificial aging process with an air-cooled quenching process and subsequent to the completion of heat strengthened. Different grades can be heat-strengthened alloy, different heat treatment system.
    3. Oxidation: extruded aluminum profiles good, the surface corrosion resistance is not strong, have to be surface treated by anodic oxidation in order to increase the aesthetics of the aluminum corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and appearance.
    The main process is:
    (1) Surface Pretreatment: chemical or physical methods of cleaning the surface profile, bare pure base, to facilitate obtaining a complete, dense artificial oxide film. You can also get a mirror or matt (matt) surface by mechanical means.
    (2) Anodization: The surface pretreated profile, under certain conditions, the anodic oxidation of the substrate surface, a layer of compact, AL203 film porous, strong adsorption force.
    (3) sealing: the membrane pore porosity porous anodic oxide film oxidation closed, so that the oxide film pollution, corrosion and wear resistance increased. Oxide film was colorless and transparent, the use of the oxide film before sealing strong absorption, adsorption pores in the film deposition of some metal salts, can show qualities of the outer profile (silver) than many of the color, such as: black, bronze, golden yellow, etc.

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